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Who is Hugo?

Some information about the fast open-source static site generator Hugo.


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Picture of Reykjavik

There is exactly 10 types of people and I’ll provide separte introdcutions accordingly:

Starting my new blog

Some information about my new website and a fresh start with Hugo.


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Picture of a sunset in Africa.

Today I start a new blog build with Hugo. This is actually my third website. I started with Joomla, moved to Wordpress and now ended up with static-only Hugo. Seems I am getting minimal also with the tech. So guys, what’s this blog all about? Well, I’m not so sure yet to be honest. But I think I want to tell people stuff too. I didn’t get far with my former blogs nor with my social media channels. So, what do I want to tell? Well, I hope to stick with technology, climate,…

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Hey guys! I've studied Computer Science and live and work in Stuttgart, Germany. I'm interested in technology, environment and matters of life.